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“Use the negative yogas to your advantage” – Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

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Basics of Nadi Astrology - Sanyas, Shrapit, and Dhrut Yogas

Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Maitreya Muhurtham to Articles Sanyasi Yoga. By tamiljothidamtips On Apr 13, Sanyasa yoga in Hindu astrology are the peculiar planetary situations or combinations seen in certain horoscopes that indicate Sanyasa i.

Sanyasa yogas are also known as Pravrajya yogas. Similarly, in a horoscope if there are 4 or more planets which are exalted or in own house possessing high strength, in that case also the result will be same. The nature of the sanyas is governed by the strongest of these set of planets.

What is Moksha Yoga?

Contact Info. Home Moksha yoga. October 1, October 1, These influence are a must from the Moon as well — especially the influence of Saturn on the Moon is required should be analyzed very carefully. Amit Shah Birth Chart Analysis. It is just that the native may not be aware of the methods, through which the negative placements of planets in his horoscope can be turned around. Most Commented Post.

Such a combination should ideally occur in a kendra to affect the Lagna, otherwise it will not be effective. The native will be bereft of spouse and children. Even if the native marry, it will not be a long lasting relationship.

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Asceticism Planetary Combinations for Sanyasi Yoga sanyasa yoga astrology sanyasa yoga in Horoscope sanyasi yoga sanyasi yoga in Horoscope sanyasi yoga in kundli sanyasi yoga in vedic astrology. You might also like More from author. Prev Next.

SANYAS YOG In Horoscope Analysis by Acharya Anil Vats

Leave A Reply. Sign in. Astrological indications of Sanyasi All 4 Kendras are without any Graha's.

Lagnathipathi Neecha. Exulted Venus. Saturn in second house. More Planets residing in Shuba graha's houses. More andmore planets in Shubha graha's house indicates an enlightened soul. Thanks Krishna.

watch Re: Astrological indications of Sanyasi That said, how do you wish to have the reader use this information? Many pass this one by. Originally Posted by yajvan. A birth-epoch is a seemingly-random TRANSIT-epoch that gains a personal-meaningfulness and becomes a beacon in the current lifetime of the incarnated soul-fragment; the union of a kona angle with a trikona trine?

Originally Posted by Rohiniranjan. This, Yajvan ji, is rather interesting! Atmkarak neecha in V20!

Moksha Yoga

Self easy to suppress in order to touch the essence or Atma soul? Yajvan Ji, As I mentioned in my post the idea was to concentrate only on D1.

I just thought of sharing my leaning and observations and to get comments from fellow members to enrich myself. His chart satisfies all of above the conditions except 7. Moonis Neecha. His chart satisfies the following. Being humble is not thinking less of yourself, but less about yourself. Your attention is not always on 'me-ness'.


One loses interest in the mundane, the every day life. Accomplishment of attaining this-of-that thing has less impact. Ones attention is directed to the unfoldment of one's full potential.